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Match 11: Chile v England – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017

Watch highlights of the Group F fit between Chile and England on the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

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37 responses to “Match 11: Chile v England – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017”

  1. people are confused. the english like many other countries came to the african continent and stole and acted barbaric and put a system in place to make those countries poor.which is why .. all these immigrants came to the uk which is to get a better life in a country which live off the riches of these poor countries.

  2. There are many mixed race people, and people from all over the world, living in England. There's been immigration from everywhere for hundreds of years, and people from dozens of races and nationalities mix quite freely. The working class is very open and tolerant of newcomers compared with how things are in many other countries, and is the part of society where all our footballers come from. It's very diverse and interracial relationships are commonplace. We like it that way.

    It's been like this for a very long time. Our World Cup winning team of 1966 had players from many different ethnic mixes, even if they were largely what people might now think of as white ethnicities, including Jewish, Italian, and Irish, all of which might have been the subjects of racial discrimination at that time.

    Just because the faces in this team are black doesn't change anything. This team reflects and represents the working class in England. It expresses our openness and enjoyment of difference, and our vibrant young football culture. I am very proud of this England team and sorry for you sad little racists and ignorant people who want England to reject them for the colour of their skin.

  3. Unbelievable result..is the English senior team watching this ?? Learn something from the young lads..this is how you start your WC campaign..!! Well done England,the official underdogs ..!!

  4. Come back in 20 years -2037- and the England XI will be 0% white .
    Of course this will also be true of other countries in Europe notably France
    Personally I don't have a problem with this but I might if I was white English . It always amazes me that only an impotent minority in England finds this even an issue . So many white people seem relaxed about going out of existence . So different to Asians and Africans who feel so strongly about keeping their culture and community alive

  5. 1er gol Valencia no hace nada para llegar al cruze,
    2do gol la defensa hace agua,
    3er gol la entrega mal Guerrero
    4to es un golazo!

    Conclusión puras cagadas defensivas, pero tienen solución a jugar más concentrados para el próximo partido!!!, VAMOS CHILEEEEE!!!

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