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Match nine: New Caledonia v France – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017

Watch highlights of the Group E fit between New Caledonia and France on the FIFA U-17 World Cup.

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40 responses to “Match nine: New Caledonia v France – FIFA U-17 World Cup India 2017”

  1. That bastard france apes really idiot!! Wtf at 2nd play like how to learn soccer!!! Fuckin bastard coach!!! 6 goals 1st!!! 2nd nothing!! Wanna be champ?? In ur dream u all france bastard!!

  2. is not a good result france could won 12-0 easely you wil see that no one caledonian player would be professional in the future so i think french team wil be out at the 1/8 of final weack generation again

  3. FFS people, black french people ARE french and fully have the right to play for the national team.
    As «black frenchman» myself, I feel entirely native to our beautiful country. We've been french for multiple generations and never have I thought about being «foreign» or «african». Just come to Paris, and you'll see that maybe 40% of the people there are black, or at least have non-caucasian parents, so it's not like France «only accepts blacks if they're good at sports».

  4. It's a very strong French side.. France always have a good team with full of talented players. England vs France, Spain vs France, Brazil vs France or Garmany vs France will be an interesting match to watch.

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